Posting Inventory Cost to GL

There is this function Named as “Posting Inventory Cost to GL” under Inventory module. My is Question is, how can i improve its performance because its extreamly slow.



Is it in the Standard Nav or its your own customization? What are the indicators of low performance in this case?

If Inventory Setup field “Automatic Cost Posting” is checked, you will not need that batch/function. When checked an inventory posting (adjustments, sales, purchases, …) will cause posting to G/L, and when running batch “Adjust Cost” postings will be created in G/L as well.

  1. So where do i locate this Function Batch “Adjust Cost” ?

  2. What if some item cost cannot be determined at a glance and have to wait for a period of time before the item cost is determined? You see in such a case, you cannot use the “Automatic Cost Posting”?


  1. Well the adjust cost adjusts for costs unknown fully at the time of posting, it is its job. I think every implementation I have been involved in uses automatic cost posting to some extent, and very few know the true cost at the time the sale is made.

  2. Depends upon the version, but it usually next to the Post to GL batch job you referenced earlier. Try General Ledger - inventory - costing - Adjust Cost-Item Entries.

make sure in the options tab you are selecting “per posting group”

Thanks for your reply but i get to wonder because i cant even locate the Function Batch Adjust Cost. For your information am using version 4.1.

1)Could i be using the wrong version?

2)Could you also tell me the actual procedure am supposed to follow if am to use this Function and Automatic Cost Posting?

Thank you and i appreciate.


{ make sure in the options tab you are selecting “per posting group” }

What do you mean by this. Please explain it better and even where to locate it. Thanx

1- the adjust cost item entry batch job is in :

financial management ==>inventory==>costing==>adjust cost item entries.

2- when you run the “post inventory cost to G/L” you have an “options” tab, select “per posting group”