Adding seconds in cap. unit of measure and effects

Dear all, I would like to ask you about the change I’ve made in the capacity unit of measure in the manufacturing module and its effect globally in the navision, I mean do I need to search tables that uses capacity unit of measure or not. I have added seconds in the optionstring of the type field and use it in the routing line. thanks in advance regards, Mark

Hi Mark Ask the question in the developer forum and see if anyone has already done it, they will also have the best answers to the consequences. I will say run all plans, run all processes, run all screens, run all reports. Do the seconds you have added work? I would say EVERYWHERE this appears and is used you need to make the modificiation, otherwise it will fall over. Test, test, test and test again!

Mark, making any change, even the smallest; to an option string; in Navision is a huge mod. Think very carefully of the impact it will have on all areas of the system. Primarily there are two major concerns. (well there are lots more than that, but for now 2). Upgrades are going to be an issue for the client from now on. Make sure they are aware that this is going to be an issue every time they move to a new version. Secondly and more importantly, your testing will most certainly be very thorough and complete, but by the very nature of End User testing, will probably only cove the testing of the functionality that your client currently uses. But this is not enough. Its necessary to find every object that addresses this option string, and test even areas that the cleint is not currently using. … Or to put oit simpler. Reallly unless you are very experineced with Navision, you should not be changing option strings.[:D]

Dear All, Tks a lot for your suggestions. I have added unit of measure in the optionstring, and then I have added it too in the codeunit calendarmanagement. Is there any codeunit involve in it ? or table or form relates to new one I added? rgds, Mark

Mark I really don’t think this is a good thing to do. I am guessing you are quite new to Naviison development, and probably in a asituation where your client has made a request, and you are j"just doing what the customr wants". Butthis really is not the way. Sit with the client, and figure out waht their need is, and find a better solution. If you don’t then this is going to bite you, and the customer will not be happy.