Navision Add-on for steel distributor and manuf.

Hi All, Would like to get insight on Navision manufacturing implementations for steel manufacturing companies? We are talking to a prospect and there are some typical requirements from them an important one is: 1. The typical characterstic of the industry practice is inventory management and also handling multiple Unit of measures. explored and browsed few fact sheets from landsteiner and other add on solutions still any active member can share some implementation challenges so that we can get an idea? Also I beleive there would be some successfully implemented add-ons on Navision. Appretiate forum members help on sharing informations, Thanks in advance, best regards Sreekanth

sreekanth, the first couple of things you mention, are pretty standard Navision, the only thing you may have an issue with in Steel production, is continuous production, since Navision is batch based. I don’t think you need add-ons, but it may help to look at some vertical solutions. For example Process 800 may help you. In general though, Add-Ons are great to help you solve a specific lient request, but they ARE NOT a tool for making it easier to sell Navision. If you simple read some liturature, and then tell the client thatt the Add-On does it all, you will find your self spending months of lost time developing features that have been promised to the client.

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Hi shrikanth We have implemented the Navision in 3 Steel Industries successfully the major concern areas are variant as there may be different variants of size length etc. and also there is a requirement of change in qty uo to ±10-15 % as the Base Unit of Measure is MT. Rest is the normal implementation. Ashish

Hi David and Ashish, Thanks for your reply and yes I understand the issues a bit now. Its more or less a standard implementation with items rather handling of these Unit of measure features and size variants of the items. thanks once again for the replies and have a nice time. Best Regards Sreekanth