Run Time in Seconds

I have a customer who records run time for manufactured items through a machine in numbers of seconds, Navision has Capacity Unit of Measures of Type Blank, 100/HR/ Minutes Hours and Days. The Run Time will be entered in number of seconds and the Routing Run Time is in number of seconds. Does anyone know how this could be set up or is a customisation necessary?



You could use blank and multiply value

Thanks Nuno

If you use the blank type on Capacity UoM Navision will default to seconds, an 8 hour working shift generates a capacity of 28,800 seconds. This is what I require.

Apologies, I should have widened the column, it is 28,800,000 seconds so I will have to customise!!!

yes, it’s miliseconds and not seconds. That why I told you I to multiply values


Thanks again. The milliseconds issue causes another problem with the costing fields on the machine centre. My customer has labour and overhead rates specified in cost per second. If I create a Production Route line with a run time of 4500 (meaning 4.5 seconds) and enter a Direct Cost of 0.0019/sec and a Overhead Rate of 0.0018/sec (on the machine centre), Navision will calculate an incorrect unit cost. I cannot enter a rate with more than 5 decimals, I would need to enter 0.0000019 which would be the rate per millisecond. Am I approaching this the wrong way is capacity separate from costing?



If are applying a direct cost by using a machine center can’t you apply that cost as global amount in output journal?
Do you need to use machine center cost? You can use capacity without use machine center cost.


I need to use both capacity and costs. The customer wants to measure efficiency, the actual run time measured against the capacity runtime as well has the costs posted for wip, labour and overhead.


You still can post WIP cost using journal.
If you post output of 50 000 Items you can post WIP for that , by increasing Direct Cost of item. Instead of using machine center cost.