Capacuty cost on Input Qty.

Hi, I have a query ( Very Basic but important). This relates to adding a Capacity cost to a Manufactured Item. For Capacity cost based on the Output Qty, It is very clear that it can be configured on the Direct Unit cost on the Work center with Units as the base of cost. But I have observed that this cost is calculated on the basis of out put qty. In a case where my Unit cost is based upon the Input Qty. of the consumption Item, How can I add it as a cost on the Output Item? Also, The consumption qty. varies per production order. There is no fixed ratio of OUtput to Input. Has any body faced this situation?Or Am I missing some basics on Navision Manufaturing? Regards, DD

No takers yet? I am eagerly waiting for a comment.

Hi Dharmendra There is nothing in my opinion that can do this as standard, you will need to modify the system to accomplish this, the capcity cost in Navision links directly to the making of the output, not the consumption of the input as the work and therefore capcity goes into making the output rather than the usage of the input. With no posts in six months users probably have not come across this requirement in Navision, if you require a solution to this I would suggest a posting in the development forum.