Add Product name column and filter options

Hi everyone,

In the released product form (EcoresproductExtended form) we have the product name column (ie. EcoResProductTranslation table)

I need to add the product name filed in the lookup form(Customize form).
I have added the Datasource in the form but still, the values are duplicated, and I could not achieve the property. Please let me know which part I missed or any other way it should fit.

The EcoResProductTranslation table may, and in your case does, contain multiple records for the same product, because the product name may be defined in several languages. If you want to see all languages, you must accept that there are multiple records. If you want just a specific language, you need to use a filter for the form query.

Yes got it martin, thanks for the suggestion

Fount the realtions between those tables once added the tables as per the relation into the form and specified the table relations in the form properties. Got the expected results.

Relations are

  • InventTable
  • Ecoresproduct (Inner join with InventTable)
  • Ecoresproducttranslation (outer join with ecoresproduct)

Oh, you weren’t aware of the relations? It sounds like your query was wrong.

Your current design is correct if you want to see records for all languages (therefore you can see the same and product several times).

If you don’t need any fields from EcoResProduct table, you can optimize the query by joining EcoResProductTranslation directly to InventTable. Just note that the definition of EcoResProductTranslation does not contain a relation to InventTable; you’d have to add it in code (with addLink()).