Product Name filter on Planned order grid

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me How can i use product name as filter in planned order grid in D365?

I have tried by adding the relation in Ecoresproducttranslation but i couldn’t able to add languageid filter it results in Duplicated records of language…

Please tell me the possibilities?

Can you give us more information, please?

You’ve asked in the developer forum, therefore I’m assuming you’re building a customization, not just setting a filter in GUI.

Why aren’t you able to add a filter for LanguageId?

The ReqPO table contains the field called Product… But it doesn’t have a field for language… So I can only releate with product.

Off course it doesn’t. The point is that you can display names translated to user’s or client’s language. If two users look at the same item, they can see different names - e.g. one in English and one in Chinese. If the language was defined on the other, all users would see the same name.

Choose the language you want to use for filtering and filter by it.

Thanks for your reply. But if i use translation in products form (Form example chinese) it shows two records in PO grid. Is this correct?

I don’t know. It depends on what you want to show in the grid. You must ask yourself whether it’s the result you want.

Okay thanks. I want to show all the Planned orders which are available before i added this product name filed. So the result should be all the previous planned orders with product name filter.

Any suggestios?

No, no new suggestions. You still have to decide which language you want; I can’t make this business decision for you.

The following code is used for the product name display method in PO grid.

    public display EcoResProductName productName()
        return EcoResProductTranslation::findByProductLanguage(this.Product, SystemParameters::getSystemLanguageId()).Name;

The Language in system parameter, company and the user language is en-US.

But the grid shows the product name which is of language ru - russian.

Please advise…