New Production Order ItemID Dropdown Bug?

Ciao everyone,

We are having an issue with the New Production Order button in AX2012. The form has a dropdown for ItemID however when this drop down populates, it leaves the Product Name blank. It is configured on the product, both in the InventTable shortname as well as the EcoResProductTranslation table.

Any suggestions?


The lookup uses InventItemIdLookupByDefaultOrderSetting form. Which brings ItemName from \Data Dictionary\Tables\InventTable\Methods\defaultProductName.

Try to debug this method.


Very helpful tip, I was able to trace this and as soon as the drop down is selected, the debugger opened up to the method you called out.

It appears a blank EcoResProduct is being passed in, which would return blanks as we are experiencing. Any idea how this could be the case?

All InventTable items have their appropriate Product field specified, which links a released item back to a global Product.


To follow up, the method before this shows the proper InventTable record, however it is not able to pull the product value:




However it does exist in SQL…so not sure the disconnect here.