EcoResProductTranslation form datasource join

Hi, I am having alot of difficulty with this one. I have a form with a Grid on it. The grids datasource has item id on it. I’ve been asked to add item name and make it sortable.

My first thought has been to add three more joined datasources, inventTable outer joined to my table, ecoResProduct inner joined to inventTable then EcoResProductTranslation table outer joined to ecoResProduct table with a range for language id on the translation table.

This works great. Until you try to open this form with no records in it. It then tries to create a record in ecoResProduct table.

Does anybody happen to have a solution/suggestion for this?

Set AllowCreate to No for the data source.

I didn’t mention this above but i have set all the datasources allow create, allow deletion, allow edit to No, still have the issue.

Can you show us the stack of calls leading to “trying to create a record in ecoResProduct table”?