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I need to filter “Standing Orders” by “Customer Group”. But “Customer Group” is a field for example in the “Customer” Table and no filter option or field in the “Standing Order” page/table.

I read on this page here TIP #35 | Using Queries in Pages & Reports, but I’m not sure if this will solve my problem, since I would have to copy the hole “Standing Order” table to a new buffer table if I understand this right. I although read about Query and Flow Fields, but now I’m confused about the way to take.

The new page “Standing Order” with the “Customer Group” filter should be available for other users, too.

Can anybody tell me how I could solve this?

Thanks and regards,


Hi Marek,
First welcome to DUG!

I’m not really sure exactly what it is that you want to archive and what the relation between the customer and the “standing order” is. Nor where the “Customer Group” comes in? And which flow fields do you talk about?

If there are no direct relation, if the relation is indirect like with the customer group, then you are right that it could be archived via a query object and a “buffer table”.

Although this is not too hard to do, then if you want the new page (based on the buffer table) to mimic the functionality of the standard customer list, then it would take quite some work to get done.

I may be able to help you more, but not without knowing more about the requirements.

Hello Erik,

thanks for your answer and to welcome me. I just started to work with Dynamics NAV 2016 and I’m an absolute novice. I’m basically working me into reporting with the book “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Professional Reporting”. But it is only about reports. This time I need to add a filter to the page “Standing Orders”

The filter I need is not part of this list, but for example of the “Customer List”:

For a report, I guess, I would know how to solve the problem, but I need this “Standing Order Page” and I don’t really understand how to implement/add this filter option to it. I jumped in at the deep end of Dynamics and missing the time and some good literature to work me into basics. I’m reading lots of information in the internet, and there are very good sources like your page, but its more like rambling on and losing sight of the big picture.

I have collected some data of the Standing Order Page, maybe you can explain me by it what I need to do:

If you need more information just let me know, or if this is to advanced for me, or might take too much of your time, please tell me, too.

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I’m sorry Marek, but I still don’t understand what you are trying to do. You still haven’t told us your requirement’s, just a little of it, but not enough to be able to help you further.

Hi Marek

I think i get what you mean, just to clarify, on the Standing orders Page (I assume this is a custom page?) you want “Customer Group” to show as an available field in the filter selection?

If this is the case you just need to add “Customer Group” as a flow field on table “Standing Orders” (5024633), the flow field will be something along the lines of (LOOKUP on Table 18 where Customer.No. = Standingorder.Bill-to Customer No.) once this is added to the table it’ll show in the additional fields on teh filter drop down.

if you want to it show in the initial list then just drop it on the standing orders page.

If you’re not comfortable adding new fields to tables then it’s probably best to seek some one on one assistance to give you a head start.

hope this helps.


Hi Garry and Erik,

yes Garry, that’s exactly what I need.

Sorry, if its hard to understand what I’m up to. Englisch is not my first language and it is sometimes hard for me to translate technical terms or technical issues.

I will try your solution tomorrow and let you know the result.

Thanks a lot so far the two of you,



this night I found some time to try your solution. Its just perfect and very easy once I found out the details:

I put in a FlowField with Data Type Code and TableRelation “Customer Group”
CalcFormula is: Lookup(Customer.“Customer Group” WHERE (No.=FIELD(Bill-to Customer No.)))

Thanks a lot, Marek