Add filter to custom field added on list page form

Hi I want to add filter to newly created PlanId field on Planned order list page form. Please find the attachment.

In that there is no option of filter by field or filter by selection. How to add it. Thanks

Hello Bhushan,

How did you create the field?

If the the field is a physical field on the table, this should be automatically.

But for instance on Display fields, this isn’t possible.


Ok, this is display field. But if there is any other option please tell me. Thanks

I would advice you to foresee a physical field if you require filter/sort functionality.

But if this is really not possible. You can add the filter functionality on the display form control yourself.
Overwrite the ‘context’ method on the form control containing the display method and implement filter functionality yourself.

This example gives a good idea what’s possible:


Ok, thanks a lot.