Filter on customers on the Sales Order page

Hi everyone,

I want, when drilling down on Sell-to Customer No. on page 42, to exclude the blocked customers from the displayed list.
How can I do that?

Thanks in advance :smile:

I tried to generate a filter via codeunit 46 (procedure GetSelectionFilterForCustomer()).
but when drilling down on the Sell-To Customer No. field, I get the following error message:

The filter “1000…6010|7010…7123|(7126…9810|TEST)|X95000” on the Sell-to Customer No. field in the Sales Header table has no single range of possible values.

Is this form of filter unacceptable for RTC?
What shall I do?

Please set blocked filter to ‘’ on in Table relation of field sell to customer no. in table 36


As said by Mohana set the filter at Table Relation in Table 36>> Field Sell-to-Customer.

Also add Condition for Document Type :: Order so that it will be restricted to Order(Page 42) like shown below.




Thank you for your answer…
I added a custom field “Ending Date” and I want to set a filter on it depending on a setup on Sales & Receivables Setup…

I can’t do it via table relation and with my code i will hit on the same error…

What shall I do?