Active/Inactive Accounts and Dimensions

We are planning our GL account and dimension set up in v3.0. We are looking for a smart way to create accounts before the date they will be used (eg accounts to be used next fiscal year, where we want to store a budget value for 2003 today but must prevent posting actual transactions until Jan 1, 2003). Closing the account has an immediate effect, and to make it active on Jan 1, 2003, I need to physically “unclose” it on that exact date. If anyone else has encountered this and found a workaround, we would be grateful to hear from you. thanx [:)]

Hi, what do yout think about a user check on this accounts? BR, Graphitan

hi len, It sounds interesting. But did u trying using the Stopped feature of the Chart of accounts. Stopped will not allow to post any transactions in that period but you can open it at later that, or can work around a utility so that the accounts falling under the predefined number sequences & with or without stopped checked can be set to open. This utility can be autorun on 1 Jan 2003 or whatever date you want. Please ensure that no one tampers with the system date of the machine. please tell me whether i am correct or wrong. regards vaibhav Functional Consultant sofosphere New Delhi, India.

Thanks for your idea. However, I don’t know if it will work as we want it to: need to post budget amounts to the new account but stop postings of actual transactions. This feature is available in other GL modules, like e by Epicor.

Just a quick thought - but is there any mileage in using record level security. You could ‘hide’ these accounts from the all users except those setting up the budgets, then change the security setting at your new year.