GL Account

Hai friends,

I created a journal with account type “Ledger”. I entered the value 201100 as the main account.

Next my account type for offset account is also ledger. I entered pretty cash account 101100.

The amount is entered in credit field as $1000 and posted.(which is a opening balance).

The voucher posted successfullly.

Now i went for trial balance and checked the result for 201100 and 101100. But the 1000 is not updated.But the transactions against the account it is showing.

I want to see the sum of opening balances for the account 201100.Please help me. Thanks.

On the financial dimension set, click on rebuild balance and update balance. The balances will be reflected in Trial Balance report.

Also, you can put check mark on Update balance during posting. This way balance will be updated for financial dimension set and you will get real time data.


thanks Pranav