Creating Accounts and Dimensions

We are planning our GL account and dimension setup in v3.0. We are looking for a smart way to “mass create” a range of accounts with the appropriate dimensions (3) associated with those accounts. Doing this account by account, and their combinations dimension by dimension (type and value) is going to be very manual. We have some 300 expense accounts. Some accounts will have all dimensions, most will have 1 or 2 and some may limit to a list (subset) the dimension values that can be used in posting. Eg: Legal Expense account can only be used with Department values Finance and Executive. Any hints on how to avoid the “one-by-one” approach would be very welcome! thanx[:)]

Hello Len, it has been a long time since your post, but did you find anything related to your question?

Many thanks

I believe this can be done with the help of Dimension sets and rules…

Kranthi, thanks a lot fou your reply, we were trying as you suggest with dimension sets and rules, following exactly every step in the manual and other blogs, but we were receiving an error message, something like “cannot create dimension sub-set as it is already a dimension set”.

What we just find out, is that it is very important (so you don’t get this error) to follow tho order when creating the relations. The wrong order is:

1)Create ALL dimension set, 2) create ALL dimension hierarchy and 3)create rules. The correct order is:

  1. Create FIRST dimension set, 2) create the hierarchy for the first dimension set, 3) create the rule for the hierarchy of the first dimension set, 4) Create the SECOND dimension set and the circle starts again…

Thanks again and I hope this is usefull


Hey Cazot ,

Are you creating dimension sets automatically (using X++ code) ? If yes, how did you assign the shared dimension to the dimension subset ? I need to know the name of ‘shared dimension’ field. Please help.