G/L Balance by Dimension - Form 408

Does anybody experience about the malfunctionality of Find (Ctrl+F) function in G/L Balance by Dimension? We are under 3.60 and always use PgDn and PgUp button to find some G/L Accounts under this form. Is it a known issue or only happening to us? ZEN

I have just tried this here on 3.60 Cronus and it did not work, so I expect this is a global product limitation of some kind. I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that the table is only populated when the form is open. It does not work on 4.0 Sp1 Cronus either, so as yet it has not been fixed/improved.

The records in this form are generated dynamically in the Form itself (using temporary tables). Otherwise you would not be able to Change the “Show as Lines” field in the General tab. Searching on temporary tables does not work. Sorry about that inconvinience. It would be possible to implement your own search procedures on the “Code” field, but needs an experienced programmer and some time.

Thomas, If you have done that before,would you mind to share the experience or the codings…[:)] or might be a short cut solution? We use multiple dimensions in our operation. It would great if we can get back the function. Thx, ZEN

Basically this is not so simple. Being based on a temporary table, it will not be possible to use the existing “Find” function. What you need to do is create a new field where you will enter a search criteria. In the OnValidate trigger, you will need to then add code that filters ont he temp table, with the search criteria, and if you find the record, to set it tothe start of the form, and then display it as the result. Also you need to keep in mind that the search could be date oriented, so you need to handle that. Start coding, and if you get problems post them here, and I am sure we cna help you get it done.

With no coding, you could just use the G/L Account Filter, which will basically accomplish the same thing, but will require your users to do an extra step. Or, modify the OnLookup code slightly for G/L Account Filter, attach a ShortCutKey to it, such as CTRL+G, which will bring up the account list, which can be searched on. When the user would then hit OK, it would filter your list, which achieves “basically” the same thing. In a new function FindAccounts GLAccList Form G/L Account List GLAccList.LOOKUPMODE(TRUE); IF NOT (GLAccList.RUNMODAL = ACTION::LookupOK) THEN GLAccFilter := '' ELSE GLAccFilter := GLAccList.GetSelectionFilter;

Hi Torolf, Will try your suggestion to maximize the GL Account Filter even though we have a long list of G/L Account need to be memorized. Anybody know whether this issue might be fixed in the future? ZEN

I do not think that this can be fixed at all. It is mainly the same problem you have when you use the return value of a function as sourceexpression for a column in a table form. Navision only knows what to show in the moment when the “cursor” is on that line. It does not know about the line before or after that. This makes it so complicate.

Working with many and/or compound filters can be taxing on memory. You can copy and paste filter values into a text file or an XL spreadsheet.