Activating Settings

I have noticed that in ax 2012 if you do not choose to use the multisite functionality to begin with, then you will lose the ability to be multisite in the future should your company expand.

I am wondering if there were any other settings that are like this? settings that if not done in the initial setup of ax 2012, you will be unable to use?

Thank you

Dear Mike,

you can create number of site even after mid or your business.

lets assume if after 1 year your company has new site in dubai so you cannot create site.

you can create site but all warehouse have to create with that site rest of all will be ok i guess.

if you are planing to do then let me know may b we can get the solution if we do practically.

my skype id is Hacker_ng

thanks & regards

Always work with one site. Just default it.

There are others especially the dimension group - adding in location or making an item serialized is difficult once transactions happen/