What is multisite!

Hi all,

I wannt to known what is multisite in Ax ?. What is its use of it and why we wannt to activate it?.



Multi site is to activate site functionality in Dynamics AX 2009.

site is the Storage Dimension.

While Creating any S.O, P.O and Production that items to assign from which site…

site will define about your Company branch.

Ex: if COmpany ABC

its locate in 3 locations is USA,UK and INDIA.

We will create 3 site. with the name of USA,UK and INDIA

while creating SO we will assign site wt ever u watn…

Hierarchy of storage item.

Site1-> warehouse → Location->Rec->shell->Bin.

You can hold planning order modifiers at site level, you can consume production inventory based upon the work centre usage not defining this on the BOM line by linking it to production units which are linked to sites.

All costing is by site, transfer orders can impact on the GL moving between sites, indirect costs are by site.

It is, as also stated, a hierarchical divisional split of the business.