AX 2012 - User Set up

Much appreciated if anyone could guide me on the following.

We have 2 company entities. Most just spend their time in 1 company but there are some individuals that require both.

Therefore if I set up another user for them will this mean that I have to give them a different alias and Network Domain that was set up for the other company for them. Otherwise I do not think I can enable both. Is this correct or is there another way.

They can get into the other company and do some things but not carry out everything they need to.

Are you running two different AX’s or one AX and two companies inside AX? Users can switch between companies in AX.

I’m using AX2009 but it should be the same.


Thanks for that. We are AX 2012 and running 2 companies within it.

Yes they can switch between the 2 companies OK, but in 1 of the companies they can not perform everything they can in the other. Therefore think I need to set an User up against each company > assign roles > enable them. However only seems to let you enable 1 and not the other and that was why I was wondering if different alias etc would need to be set up.

Are these two companies in the same domain? If not, you may need to set up permissions in the other domain for the user. I’m not familiar with roles in AX 2012.