Account Schedule Column Header Layout

Using NAV 2016, I have an issue: I want to have as header the year as a no. and at the same time the previour year also as a no. such as financial statements are reported at NYSE.
I tried this but it obvisouely doesn’t work:

Any idea?


Does anyone has an idea how to solve this?

I literally want to get two columns

                    2023          2022
revenue            1.400         1.390

Hi @Gabriel_Hauser.

I’m sorry, but the screen capture is in german, and I doesn’t speak german.

If you want to capare two years, in the 2nd column you must put “-1Y” (change Y by year character in German) in “Comparison Date Formula”.

It’s all working fine for the values.
My issue concerns only the heading which will be printed.
%6 works for the current year well, but it’s not working for the previous year.
So I get the correct data, but the heading is like:

                    2023          2023
                    ====          ====
revenue             1400          1390

Hi @Gabriel_Hauser,

You must have some customization in this part. Standard uses “Column Header” field from “Column Layout” to print the column name, it doesn’t use any % variables, the value of “Column Header” is printed as is.