Adjustments at Year-End Appearing in Balance Sheet

Hi Everyone,

I am a first-time poster on this forum. We are going through our first Year-End in Dynamics NAV and have created both Income Statements and Balance Sheets using Account Schedules. As we have started to prepare for this year-end, we had to post adjustments to the previous year that we received from our auditors. Unfortunately, these adjustments are still being calculated in our balance sheet even though they were not posted within the date range of the report (the adjustments were posted on 01/31/12 and the report is being run for 02/01/12…01/31/13).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Have you used the Navision year close and generated income statement ???

Hi Amol,

We have indeed closed the year and the income statements that we are using have been created in the Account Schedule.


What will happen to profit and loss account ??

I think you need to generate the Income JV from NAV standard process after passing adjustment.

Can you provide any links as reference for this process?


Following link might help you