Navision Account Schedule


Need two columns 1 to represent Year To Date Last Year and heres the tricky bit a column that represents the Date Filter Last Year. So for example I could have a date range in the date filter for 1 month and would expect the Date Filter Last Year to represent this balance last year for the month specified.



Hi Andrew,

I think you can do that by using the “Comparison Date Formula”-field in the column-setup.

If you type -1Y here, then that column should show values using the same dateformula, only a moved a year back, as defined on the report request.
So if you set your datefilter to Q1-2009, then the column should use datefilter as Q1-2008.

If this is not the solution, then i don’t think it can be achieved using account schedule.

This IS the solution.

Comparison Date Formula is used just for this purpose, but setting Column Layouts is rather tricky, I just wrote about it in - take a look there too, Andrew, and search for “Account Schedule” - there have been many threads here in forum with examples…