Account Schedule: Profit and Loss Management Report

Hi All!

I have actually prepared a Profit and Loss Management Report for a new company on Navision 4.0.

The column layout for the report are as follows:

  1. Actual, Budget, Variance (Current Period).

  2. Actual, Budget, Variance (Balance from Start of the Fiscal Year to the end of the Current Period).

I need to display these figures in a single report.

Actually I have been able to set up the column layout for the Current Period but I am having problem with the second one.

Anyone can help please?

Thnks and Rgds


What have you set as the column type in the column layout?

For the Current Period columns, I have used the column type: Balance To Date.

For the periods ranging from start of fiscal year to end of current period, I have used a column type: Year To Date.

Do you think this is right?

Thnks and Rgds


For Current Period I would use Net Change and set your date filter to the current period in the Ac Schedue overview.

Sometime since I did this, but I think you are close if one set worked.

My report is running OK.

I have set the column layout for current period as Net Change, and for the second column type it is Year To Date.

Thanks very much.



Hi Beatrice, thanks for the feedback. It helps us all to know that the issue is resolved. But one more thing, could I ask that if you get answer to an issue, please markt he topic as STATUS : RESOLVED, and also give the thread a star rating to say how good the advise was. 1-not too good, 3 = good 5 = great.