A Question about Transfer

If i have the transfer to be illustrated like this : each transfer from Loc1 to Loc 2 for example : must write in accounting like this : Purchsase debit Dimension LOc 1 purchase credit dim Loc 2 Can this be applied on transfers in Navision ? Or we must the be treated as internal purchase order ? Or it must be written in another way due to accounting wise? thank you

Do you mean instead of the normal accounting or inaddition to.

I mean how the transfers must be treated due to financial wise . or how in standard navision transfers should be treated and registerd due to finanicial. Thank you David

Can you show me a full set of T accounts that you need for the transaction. It may be able to be done through setup, but it depends if you need this AS WELL as, or INSTEAD OF the standard Navision transactions.

First thank you David for supporting my case. I will explain for you what we are doing in the old system to register the transfers and which now we have to apply it on the new navision system for stock version 4 . Let consider that we purchase to Location A then we will have Purchase Account 6011 for Location A —Debit Account — for ex 1000$ and vendor account -----credit account ----1000$ Now let’s consider a transfer from Location A to Location B for the same purchase then an automatic line is written like this Purchse account 6011----location B ----dim B -----Debit acccount --1000$ Purchase account 6011 ----location A —dim A —credit account —1000$ this what was wriiten in the old system … My first question First I am looking to apply this wriiten in Navision —by standard …How? by add—on how ? then if there must be add-on our supplier will add it . My second question Second I didnot like that way of that written . Is there any better way to apply transfers and all related financial journals of transfer in another way… so if it’s better I can conveince our accountant in applying it in this way . I am repeating my thanks for David for helping me in implementing this case . Have a good day .

So it looks like a pretty straight forward requirement, I am pretty sure you can do it by setting up different Inventory accounts, I’ll try it and get back to you.

Hi David , Thank you … I will be waiting for the setting up .