NAD Transfers

Hi Everyone, We’ve had a lot of fun fixing problems in the way Navision (2.60F) handles transfers. We’ve remedied several of the problems, but still have more on the books to work. Here is one we’re still trying to fully resolve. Please let me know if you’ve seen this and how you handled it. - When creating a transfer, the Unit of Measure Code, Variant Code and Inter-Company flag are not retained on the Sales Order in the transfer from location. You can imagine the nightmares this caused since the intransit location wasn’t being updated with the balances not to mention the costing issues. - We had to mod table Sales Header (36), the RecreateSalesLines() function. We found that this was caused by the user in the transfer from location changing the ship to address on the sales order which causes a validation and recreation of the sales lines. When sales lines are recreated, Navision automatically pulls in the default Sales UOM from the Item table and the other fields are defaulted. We’re still scanning Sales related modules for places we may have missed since we noticed some additional sales orders with the same problem. Thanks in advance for your help, Bill

Hi Bill There were lots of errors in transfer journals of all releases from my memory, although I cannot remember the specifics of yours - did you resolve the issue?