Wrong Purchase Order Quantity on Item Card

I have been having some unusual problem. I had purchase order created for an item “A” for a quantity of 60. When i run the plan, item “A” shows up and the field “quantity on purchase order” shows 0. When i drilled down this field then it showed I have quantity of 60 in purchase order. I checked the 'Quantity on Purchase order ’ field on my item card just to make sure that if my planning worksheet has a bug. It shows 0 too. I drilled down the field “Quantity on Purchase order” and it shows 60 (Outstanding Quantity) on purchase order. I might be missing something or there might be some problem. I could not figure out.

This is creating a big problem for me while working through the plan and I have to drill down the field “Quantity on Purchase order” every time to make sure I have already created purchase order for the item or not. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Sar,

I suspect that this is an issue with your Qty. per Unit of Measure. The flowfield calculates from the Outstanding Qty. (Base) whereas the drilldown show the Outstanding Qty.

Can you do a Zoom on the purchase line and see what these field are set to?

Thanks Dave for the reply. I reviewed the thing you told me.Here is what I found out. “Qty. per unit of measure” in the item card shows 1 but the field “Qty. per unit of measure” is 0 in the purchase lines. It should populate 1 isn’t it? Thats why the Outstanding Qty (Base) is 0.

I could not find why the “Qty. per unit of measure” filed is populating 0 on purchase line even though it is is 1 in item card.

Is there an entry in Item Units of Measure for these item and unit?

Yes there is. It looks like this in Item Unit of Measure Table for this item “A”.

Code Qty. per Unit of Measure

EA 1

Hi Sar,

Sounds like customisation as standard Nav will not allow you to enter 0 on the item unit of measure or allow it to be validated into the purchase line table unless it via Production Orders. It your purchase line table modified?

I think you are correct. The items that has Replenishment System = Production Order and purchase order has to be created for such items for subcontractors work are being 0 in my case. Is that NAV forces the quantity per unit of measure to “0” in purchase line table so that Outstanding Quantity (Base) (Outstanding Quantity * quantity per unit of measure) becomes 0. Why is this happening? Is this happening to stop reading the duplicated value from the production order? But we might increase the quantity in purchase order when we send purchase order to vendor and later change the quantity in production order when we receive against purchase order isn’t it?

I might be wrong. Could you please explain it to me?