Difference between receipt qty per Item Ledger and actual Purchase Order

I would be grateful if somebody could assist me with a problem i am currently having on version 5. The quantity and quantity received per a PO i have receipted against have mysteriously doubled but the quantity posted to my Item Ledger is correct, has anyone ever come across this?


Hello Neil & Welcome to Dynamics User Group.

I have never come across such situation and this is something serious.

What I understood from your description is following:

For example you created a PO having an item A, whose Qty. and Qty. to receive were 5, now you received (or even Received and Invoiced) this PO, and when you see in the History (in either Posted Receipts or Posted Invoices) it shows Qty. and Qty. received as 10----Am I right?

If so, then it seems Posting routines are modified and some wrong logic/ code is creating this problem.

Please check it again by : Go to History, locate that document (Posted Invoice or Posted Receipt) and then Navigate and see the corresponding entries in Ledger tables.

Hi Dhan

Thanks for your help, I have checked our history and that is what has happened, is there a way to fix this?



You should contact your implementation partner, they should be able to help you.

Check whether the Unit of Measure on the Purchase Order and the base unit of measure are same or not, if not then check the Qty. Per Uit of measure, the Item Ledger entry stores quantity with base Unit of Measure, but Purchase can be on other uit of measure for that item.

Thanks guys for your help!!!