Wrong dimension posted in AX 2012

Hi Experts,

I have imported data from the test environment to live environment by definition group using the steps described in this link blogs.bojensen.eu/. However, wrong cost center has been imported to my site’s default dimension (Inventory Warehouse Management> Set up> Inventory breakdown> Sites). I enter transactions in AP invoice journal using cost center 001 and attach a sales tax group and item sales tax group in the account. Upon posting the account, Accounts Payable and Ledger account has the correct cost center BUT the automatic entry for sales tax has the wrong dimension 002.

Has anyone encountered the same problem I encountered? And has solved this issue? The version of MS AX 2012 is STANDARD with CU2.

Thank you so much!



The dimension being posted changes in all modules! I just tried creating General Journal and Free Text Invoice and same issue is encountered. :frowning:

It must be to do with the way you imported teh data - or the data contined within the import. Check the base tables. If not sure manually create a new dimension, and use this and check this works. Not clear on what is wrong to be honest, but as you have imported the data this is the likely cause.

Hi Adam,

I have manually created a new dimension and used it to my transactions. It was fine. I guess its the way the data were imported. I’ll create new instance and load the company transactions again.

There must be something in the related dimension tables, if you analyse the tables you should be able to see where you went wrong.

Yes. DimensionAttributeValue table has negative values and Im still not sure where it came from.