axapta Dimension cost center must be specified

Hi all - can any point me in the right direction? I’m trying to post a payment journal and keep getting this message. Dimension cost center must be specified for account ‘2228347’. The cost center is filled in for this account, I can’t think of what else may be causing this.

Hi David, I have come across such messages before. Unfortunately these error messages do not give clear indication of actual messages. Usually in such cases I try to use the debugger. Any way, how big is this payment journal? Have you tried to delete the lines and import again? If there are multiple lines please make sure that other lines are filled in correctly. Good luck, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi! The best way for me to track such errors was always to add a breakboint in the Info class, method add. Then, the debugger will pop up when the info message is written and in the stack trace of the debugger, you will see where it came from and make further investigations. BTW: Do you settle an invoice with the payment? If yes, the error might come from the fact that the original invoice transaction is missing the dimension. Have a nice day!