Financial dimension not following through in Misc Charges for AP invoice

Hi All, hope all doing well. I am investigating an issue in AX 2012 R3 CU10, where the user reported that while posting an AP invoice, she added charges using maintain charges form. The item on the invoice has Cost center and Department defined on the item level (lets say dept value is set as 21 ). the division gets populated thru Dimensions site link (activated). no financial dimensions defaulted at the vendor level. before posting invoice, user gets into financials ->maintain charges form, adds a charge for freight. when post the invoice and go into voucher transaction, the accounting dimension for the freight is posted with incorrect department value. e.g. it should be acc-div-21-cost center , rather its getting posted with acc-div-00-cost center . all the other transactions for the invoice are getting posted with the correct dept value. just the freight line (the added charges) line is incorrect.

Any hints from where this could be linked so that the correct dimension follow thru to charges as well, or this needs some customization?

Check the Charges Code Master, if you have mentioned GL or vendor there then check whether Dimensions are fixed in GL or vendor.