Workflow: display user name

Hi all,

In the WorkflowWorkList form , there is a document field and in that I’m getting user’s record id instead of the name or their ID

How can i resolve this issue??


Version of AX?

Be more specific please

Hi Martin,

I’m working on AX 2012 R2

This is the issue, instead of user name , Im getting record id


Is the RecId valid? If you look at the table that the workflow is for, do you see the name correctly? I guess it’s PurchReqLine.Requisitioner field in your case, i.e. a reference to HcmWorker table.

Yes it is valid cause at certain times i’m getting the name and sometimes im getting the recid

Any idea why the recid is getting displayed?

The value is already saved in database, so it’s not a display issue.

I gave you some hints for debugging; I think it’s up to you from now, because I can’t debug your system.

I know the recid is stored in WorkflowTrackingStatus table. But i want to know why recid is getting saved