How we can find workflow assign user UserID through X++ code

Basically i have scenario in which their are two fields…

  1. Raised By Comments (str)

  2. Manager Comments (str)

Basically i wan’t , Manager Comments Field is only editable where Workflow assign user see these field…

For Ex. My workflow is user Based (( Approval goes to user Adam)) . So Manager Comments field is only editable by Adam

What is your AX version? Please tag it.
Do you want to get the submitted by user?

Where do you have these fields? What is your final requirement? (as title says something and content of the post says other)

Also have a look at,
\Data Dictionary\Tables\WorkflowTrackingStatusTable\Methods\getSubmitterUserName

AX 2012 R3

Please Be aware i want user id whose which are mention during workflow designing …

WorkflowTrackingStatusTable ,WorkflowTrackingTable ,WorkflowTrackingCommentTable etc…
By using these table we track normallly Asign user UserID but in these table data enter after workflow submission process, I want user id before workflow submission process…

You mean while setting up the workflow? Can you post a screen shot if possible?

please mention your mail id i will send you my complete scenario with screen shot what i want???

You can have the details here, so that if not me someone will help you.

i want these user id …

It should be,
\Data Dictionary\Tables\WorkflowAssignmentTable\Fields\UserValue