How to Get Workflow approval name and approved date


I want to display the workflow approver name and workflow approved date for selected record in table, how to fetch that records.

plz help me if any one come across this


\Data Dictionary\Tables\WorkflowTrackingTable will have the information of the workflow.

ContextTableId and ContextRecId will help you in identifying the related records.

In AX 2012 we have \Data Dictionary\Tables\WorkflowTrackingStatusTable, which has the mentioned fields.

Thanks Kranthi

Hi Kranthi,

i have tried to capture that based with my recid, but i didnt got the exact result

I have written this code to capture the approved name

display WorkflowApprovalName Displayapprovername()


WorkflowTrackingStatusTable workflowTrackingStatusTable;

WorkflowTrackingTable WorkflowTrackingTable;

WorkflowApprovalName approvername;

select firstonly workflowtrackingstatustable

join workflowtrackingtable

where workflowtrackingstatustable.ContextRecId == this.recid

&& workflowtrackingtable.TrackingContext == workflowtrackingcontext::WorkItem

&& workflowtrackingtable.TrackingType == workflowtrackingtype::Approval

&& workflowtrackingtable.WorkflowTrackingStatusTable == workflowtrackingstatustable .recid;


approvername = workflowtrackingtable.User;


return approvername;


but this is not working, please help me with little more info

Look at this method, \Data Dictionary\Tables\PurchTable\Methods\workflowLastComment