While opening the PO report AX client is restarting

In PO->Inquiries->Purchase order ->Ax client is restarting.

I synhronized,compiled,cleared the usage data ,restarted the service and even deleted the customization.

Still the problem exists.Ax is restarting after the messagebox showing

" Microsoft Dynamics AX client has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

But am able to print packing slip report.


We have a problem with this report also “PurchPurchaseOrder.Report”. There are missing parameters in this report.

Try to add them.

I guess generating the CIL after deleting all the customizations should work.

Hi Preeti,

Thank you for your reply,but i am facing this issue in AX 2009 not in AX 2012.

FIrst remove the customizations in that report and delete .auc files in your local machine after that restart the AOS.

try this… may works…