what differrent "Application Builder License" vs partner License for navision 2013?

what differrent “Application Builder License” vs partner License ,thank advance.

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Application Builder :-
Application Builder includes access to C/AL, it does not allow access to existing C/AL code that updates write-protected tables (postings for instance). Application Builder lets you create entirely new areas of functionality for your application, enabling you to tailor Navision Attain to fit your entire organization.

Partner License
Technology You use this granule for the same purposes as the Application Builder granule, but it also gives you access to code that updates write-protected tables.
This granule gives you the access necessary to change or create any object type, and gives you access to the Merge Tool and Upgrade Tool.
This granule also enables you to use the menu options Translate/Export and Translate/Import in the Object Designer. These options are not available with the Application Builder granule.

Are you asking about a “Partner License” or do you mean the "Solution Developer Granule?

The “Solution Developer Granule” can be added to an end-user license. Beyond the ability of the “Application Designer” is primarily adds access to the protected tables.

A “Partner License” is not a granule. It is something you receive when you become a NAV Partner (NSC). It expires every year. It is not available to end-users. No matter what price you are told you can get one for.