License query

As an enduser of Navision we currently recieve support from our vendor who i assume holds our developer license. Having some trouble with them and their level of support we would like to consider using outside contractors to assist in our Navision development. What would be the license requirements involved? Do we need to purchase our own license or would we already be covered by our vendor?

Hello Lucas, Certified Navision developers will have their own licences and these will have been used to create your modifications. In addition, when you bought your licence, you may have bought some “design granules” offering a degree of development control of your own. There are two ways of addressing your situation: a) If you wish to bring in third party/non-Navision certified consultants or set up your own in house development team, then you will need to check that the following granules are on your licence (Depending on how deeply you wish to go): 7,110 Report & Dataport Designer This enables you to create and change reports & dataports. This allows you to make both cosmetic changes & edit the C/AL code within reports & dataports. 7,120 Form Designer This enables you to create and change forms. You can only make cosmetic changes and cannot change the C/AL code. 7,130 Table Designer Create or change tables. Cosmetic changes only (New fields & keys), no access to C/AL code. 7,200 Application Builder Create or change codeunits that do not post to ledgers. Also access to Form & Table C/AL code. 7,300 Solution Developer Access to everything - This is very, very expensive. If you have none of the above, then you have no development granules. b) Hire another Navision provider to come in and do the work on your behalf. You can do this, though you have signed to another. Note that this will probably go down very badly with your existing NSC and if things have reached this point, then you might want to think about moving providers altogether and get your new NSC to run your project. Hope this is of help!

Hi Lucas/Edward, there is (I believe) a third option. That is the option of utilising the services of a Navision Consulting Partner. A consulting partner is able to provide all Navision services, with the exception that they are not entitled to purchase ‘new’ licenses or take on support. As was explained to me, the NCP role was created in order to provide services to other solution centres and for the in-house development of vertical solutions; it is however still possible to work for end users. This is the arrangement for the UK and the conditions for NSPs may vary in other countries. Lastly cough cough, may I mention that I recently qualified as a Navision Consulting Partner and am available for short term hire. I currently have 1 end user customer, but have loads of experience and am looking to build up a portfolio of reference sites. I hope that you do not mind this blatant advertising but if you like, I would be happy to discuss whether utilising a consulting partner would be a preferable solution to your problem. Regards, Edward. (Navision UK’s first NCP and specialist in repairing botched installations [!])

Hi, Sorry Edward - Point taken. An NCP would indeed be another option, and would not be seen as being as so provocative move by Lucas’s NSC as bring in another NSC. Might be the best option all round.

Lucas, Out of curiousity, how big is your system? How many users and what version of the product are you running?

Edward, I have not heard of the NCP status before. Is it held by an individual or an organisation? If it is an organisation how does it differ from an NSC? (apart from having many more car parking spaces by the looks of the one I drove passed this morning!!) Chris.

Yes Edward, thats the main reason why I formed an NSP rather than to become a normal contractor. The idea is to build bridges with other solution centres and hopefully with their blessing, go in and carry out the tasks that they would otherwise not bother with (analysis, upgrades, documentation, reports etc). If during my time I can identify a major opportunity, this will be passed back to the NSC for qualification. The way I see it, in this situation everyone is happy: Customer - Happy because they have a well maintained system that meets their current requirements. NSC - Happy because they have a happy customer and receive less support calls. Opportunities are pre-identified for them. Me - Happy because Im being paid for my services. I may however be looking at this through rose tinted specs. Are there any solution centres out there who would actively object to such an arrangement? I would be interested to know. Regards, Edward (its confusing having 2 Edwards around!)

I had forgotten that NCP was the name of the car parks. [:D] An NCP is also a sort of streamlined mini solution centre. As mentioned above, I believe it is not possible to order new licenses (not sure about adding granules to existing ones though). Also support cannot be taken on. As you can gather, this arrangement requires less overhead (support, new business sales) but it also restricts an NCP to servicing existing customers, NSCs and developing vertical solutions. Ive listed some of the requirements on the following topic: Regards, Edward.