Welcome in the General Discussions forum - what to post here?

Dear member,

As I wrote a few days ago in “Goodbye to the “Community Corner” as we know it”, then some additional changes will happen.

Since 2001 we have had a number of forums for stuff like introductions, open business and additional chitter-chatter (break-space), known and popular with many our long time members. One of the posts here had over 180000 views alone (guess which?). All kind of general, sometimes off-topic, mostly on forum posts from member to member. But it became too far away from the members, to be valuable.

Now that the [mention:3ccab22d9bf748e1a2d167dc2fd8213b:23b05a61c3e5445190d9bfa00453bce4] again is only for Navision (aka Microsoft Dynamics NAV) users, in our very wide and all-including fashion, then we need our own “community corner”.

What can you post here

  • So say if you’re a new member, wanna participate more? Then say hi, post an introduction of yourself.
  • Wanna recommend a blog post, tell about a new project you’re working on?
  • Have a little fun story?
  • In doubt where else you should post your question, and don’t really feel the other forums are a match either?

Well, then you can post it here!

It may very well be that your topic would be better suited in the other forums, but then we can just move your post to the correct forum. Not all questions are as easy to categories. But as long as its about Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Navision or the Dynamics NAV community, in a wider sense, then just post it.

Have a great day.