New member

hi everyone,

my name is Ayoub and i am from Germany.

as i am not very familiar with Navision and i feel sometimes that i need help to find solutions, i decided to join this Group to learn, share and give/get advices.

i hope will have enough patients to be able to answer my questions.

thank you in advance and my best regards,

Ayoub Moussaoui

Nav developer Trainee

Hi Ayoub,
Thank you for your introduction. I have moved your post into the “General discussions” which is for everything like your introduction. The “end-user” forum is for questions and discussion on how to use Navision. The “Developer” forum is for everything related to programming and customizations etc. and the “Technical” forum is for stuff about installations, clients, sql server and cloud hosting etc.
But if it happens that you post to a “wrong” forum, then not a problem, our moderators will just move your post into the correct forum.
And looking forward to your contributions to our Navision user group.
Have a great day.