New Beginners Forum

Dear members, For a long time I’ve received many often strange questions from beginners into the Navision (aka Dynamics NAV) world. Questions that where sent directly to my email or PM, but also questions that I often simply did not have the time to answer or I’ve refered to the forums, knowing that none of the forums really matches the questions. But now, after David Singleton’s suggestion (and the fact that he’d volunteered as the moderator) I’ve created a beginners forum. In the new forum you are allowed to ask everything you don’t think would match the very high levels of the other forums. A forum where you are amoung other beginners and where you can help your fellowers in learning this program. Everything under David’s helpfull hands. Many thanks to David. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster, Microsoft MVP - Navision

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Good plan! [^] Maybe you can make a connection between your messagebox and this forum [:D] Good luck David, I hope you can find the time.

Erik : Just a suggestion, if the question asked by the poster seems to be a FAQ I believe that it make sense to create a new entry in the Navision - Developer FAQ or Navision - End User FAQ instead of making a personal answer to the poster. New users should then read and search the FAQ before posting questions that have already been answered there.

Hi Tarek, I agree with you on this, but … THere are FAQ forums here, but maintaining them is a huge job, which is why there are so few posts there. Really it involves taking many posts, combining them to one, then checking that its all correct. I thought that iif we have “new to Navision forum” it could have a similar effect, but with less maintinence. I will try to moderate the forum such that if there is a repeat topic, i will try to merge them (or link them at least), to try and keep threads tgether. I originally wanted to call this the “Getting Started With Navision Forum”. Since the word "Beginner is off putting to somepeople. But primarily I had two reasons for requesting this forum. One is that we are getting a lot of Cross posts,a nd posts to the wrong forum by those new to this site, and we need one area for getting started. Second, is that I (as well I am sure do many other people on this site) get quite a lot of emails from people starting in Navision wanting help, and I want to be able to share that information. If I start a post, it is generally because of an email I received, or a post in another forum, that was st heading in the wrong direction. In follow up to your question, feel free to use this forum as a Getting Started FAQ, and if you have somehting to share please do so. BUT don’t get into high tech, this forum needs to stay simple. AND please make the subject clear and descriptive.