web client more than 2 user

i install the nav 2013 and also 2015 and define 3 user on it,but when i want to login with 3 user with the web in other windows,i have a message as:

Your program license does not permit more users to work simultaneously. Wait until another user has stopped using the program. Contact your system administrator if you want to allow more simultaneous users on your system.

how can i do?

we need more user.


Which license are you using?

Check how many users licenses you have…

Upload your license in Development environment and restart then try…

i dont have any license ,but i want to test and try first with this after that i will buy it,but for test we have to have mare tahn 3 user coz the manager and financial manger and me want to test at same time,and 2 user is not enough for us.then is there any solution ?

If you hadn’t, NAV would not work at all.

From what you wrote, I understand that you are playing with DEMO database and, consequently, use DEMO license. That license allows only 2 concurrent users and no more.
There are other restrictions, too. Posting is allowed only in Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb dates, total record count in main tables is limited, but all that still allows to “play” with NAV and explore the functionality.