Concept of Licensed Concurrent Users in NAV


I am unable to understand the concept of concurrent licensed users in NAV 2013 and later versions.

My NAV 2016 developer’s license has 6 full user CAL.

I logged in to NAV RTC with User A’s ID on my machine, and I am also able to login to the same database through a different machine using User A’s ID when 5 other users (B,C,D,E,F) are already logged in to this database (and these users have opened multiple sessions) on their respective machines.

In a nutshell, 7 users are working on 7 different machines when the License permits only 6 concurrent users at a time.

These 7 users are :

User A - Machine 1

User A - Machine 2

User B - Machine 3




User F - Machine 7.

Please can anyone explain this, this is a bit confusing for me as the concept is still not to clear to me.


Does anyone have an answer to this please??

A concurrent user = a single session. So each time you create a new RTC session, then you’re using concurrent user.

Thanks for your reply Erik. Your statement is True. But I have a major doubt,

Say, If a customer has 6 concurrent full user license. And these are being used by 6 of its employees. Now 5 more people join the company. And instead of buying more user license, The customer can let these 5 new employees work on different machines with the help of 6 user licenses only.

These 5 users can login to NAV through any of the 6 user ID’s which are already working on their respective machines. And the new ones can work as well.

Now, There are total 11 users working on 11 different machines using 6 User ID’s only. (User A,G,H are logged in to NAV through User A’s ID and working on concurrent sessions. User B,I,J are logged in with User B’s ID and working on concurrent sessions…and so on.)

Note: User G,H,I,J have logged in to NAV by pressing Shift+Right Click and selected ‘Run as different user’ option on their machines.

Is this situation possible? Or am I wrong? I tried testing this and was able to do so. Please help me understand this better.

Thanks & Regards,

Ishwar Sharma

Suppose user A,B,C,D,E,F are already logged in.

If User G tries to login in system will not allow as all 6 licenses are consumed.

But if you try to run as user A on different machine then you will be logged in.

It means until any of the six users are logged in, you can login with their user id using run as on different machine.

Hi Ishwar,

Microsoft don’t care how many users you have created in NAV. If you like you can create 100 full users on a 6 user license, but only 6 full sessions can be active at the time.

But remember that this only goes for “on premise” licenses. Not for SPLA (renting) licenses, where Microsoft follows the same rules as with most classic licenses - named users.

Thanks for the reply Manish. You have cleared my doubt.

Thanks for your reply Erik. Please check this blogpost on Kine’s info, which says

“May be you have already noticed, that one user could run multiple copies of the client without having impact to number of used sessions. It means, even when you have bought 10 sessions, you can have 100 sessions in session list easily and it will be legal, but only if there is 10 users (10 NAV logins used, 10 physical users sitting on their chairs using the clients) running these 100 NAV clients.”

And this is correct, I have tested this myself for once. More than 6 full sessions can open on different machines.

You can find the full post in this link -

I would like to add only one one thing to this blogpost, “more than” 10 physical users sitting on their chairs and running these NAV clients.

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A license is a legal agreement. Not a technical restriction. You are obligated to adhere to the terms of the license. Regardless whether the system enforces those limits or not.

Thanks for your input babrown. Thank you all for your replies. [:D]

right answer in simple way