WANTED - Navision 3.70 ENG Folder

Mayday - Mayday I am sitting in the US, and MS BS can (will) not supply me with a ENG folder for a 3.70! I did find a ENG folder for 3.60 - but since the client are 3.70 I am guessing that I will need a 3.70 ENG Folder! I did try the 3.60 ENG folder, and that made the client crash :frowning: you can e-mail it to me at henrikh at westerncomputer dot com or simply attach it to a reply to this post. Thanks a lot!

Hi Henrik, You’ve got mail. The ENU folder I sent you is for the original 3.70 release, not 3.70.A nor 3.70.B (not sure if one can mix’n’match them). If you need one of those instead, just say so. I will probably only see this topic again tomorrow though since I’m off to bed now. Good luck!

Thanks - But I need the ENG - NOT the ENU

Ah dang! sorry. I misread the topic. Hope your search is over by now!