Navision 3.60

Does anybody got a copy of the new Navision 3.60 version. I would like to take a peak at it for one of our clients. /Sven[?]

I can send you the client (W1 version, zipped 56MB) Kind regards Walter

Walter, Thank for the offer. I just founfd out that it is availiable from /Sven

The only problem here is that it’s insanely SLOOOOOW… [}:)]

DOes anyone have the documentation for 3.6?

I’ve got a 3.60 CD and in the DOC folder I cannot find the General Ledger, Sales & Receivable, Purchases & Payablables, Inventory, etc,etc … PDF files (the manuals) Has my CD been badly copied or MBS do only provide manuals through the ONLINE help ?

these aren’t provided anymore…