3.70A vs. 3.70B

Hello, We are going live next week on version 3.70A. I understand that 3.70B has been released. What are the differences between the versions? I’m wondering if I should push my NSC for the B release before we go live. Thank you!

If you plan to keep to your schedule, and you did all your testing and user acceptance on 3.70A, don’t switch to 3.70B at the last minute, because that will nullify all your testing. Now if you can take a delay to test and go through user acceptance on 3.70B that’s a different matter. Gary

That make sense, however, I would still like to know what the differences are so I can plan for the future.

Toni, there exists a Document called “ChangesInNAV3.70B.doc” which describes these changes, the most important change refers to “Industry Templates” and additionally they included quite some bug-fixing, I didn’t came across a new “cool” feature. Have a look at customersource (if you have access) if you can find the document or let me know your e-mail to send it to you. Saludos Nils

ver 4 is out now Rather than a small 3.70A to 3.70B upgrade, I would do an upgrade to ver 4. Gary

Nils, I would love to get a copy of the document. I do not have access to Microsofts Customer Source. Can you send it to bzonn@hotmail.com? Thank you so much! Toni

you can find that document in the 3.7B Prodcut CD or u can try / search for that in the download section on MBS Online.

Gary, From Navision 3.7, upgrading to Navision 3.7B is much easier than upgrading to Navision 4.0. For Toni’s case, if they’re upgrading to 4.0, I’m supecting they’ll need to do all the code merge again…