Virtual Stock in NAV

Dear All,

How a virtual stock be mapped in NAV 2009?

Case study:

A is the principle producer of an item. A gives B to sell on A’s behalf against which B will receive commission from A.Here B does not purchase those items from A and B does not treat the items (given by A) as his own stock.

After selling those items B is eligible to sales commission from A.

As you need to physically be aware of the stock for insurance and tracking purposes you need to book it in. Therefore you book it into a warehouse that is kept separate. This warehouse can be mapped differently from a ledger perspective so you know the “value” of the stock that is not yours and this can be accounted for accordingly, of course this depends if you cost track it as you will not be “purchasing” this unless it is at zero and then there is no true value anyway as there is no liability to the supplier.

You can then run sales reports on that warehouse, and these sales would indicate the commission payable to yourselves. However what value are you selling at? What are the tax implications? How is payment processed? There are many questions here but ultimately you can see the sales and then “calculate” commission.

There are other ways and other considerations, but map out the basics and see where it does not work for you, then come back with questions explaining the situation and why it does not work for you.

Adam, I think your suggestion is excellent :slight_smile:

Thank you [:$]