Hai all,

What is Gap and NoGap values mean in index property for ValidTimeStateUpdate of Table.


It define whether the gap can be allowed among the records.

No Gap: (mm/dd/yyyy)

Record1 01/01/2013 (valid From) 02/02/2013(validTo)

Record2 02/03/2013(validFrom) today


Record1 01/01/2013 (valid From) 02/02/2013(validTo)

Record2 04/02/2013(validFrom) today

Hai Ali, thanks for the question.

Kranthi, Please Reply this also.

How to set date gap.I mean, By default can i set the date range only for one year.

ie., VAlid from Valid to

3/2/2013 31/12/2013 (end of the year)

But system showing “valid to” to 31/12/2154.

Is my scenario possibe. Thanks

By default it takes 31/12/2154, which is the max date.

You need to change the validTo date according to your need(add them to UI)

Thanks Kranthi.