Unable to edit the record


I am unable to edit the field of LogistictsPostalAddress.ValidTo field .

its throwing following error "Cannot edit a record in Addresses (LogisticsPostalAddress). Invalid value specified for ‘Expiration:’. It has to be less than the ‘Expiration:’ of the next record."

I am trying to edit it manually by opening that table in table browser

The actual date is 10/19/2012 which is expired so I am extending to 12/31/2054. But its throwing error. How to edit it? can any one help please…

Its difficult to explain.If anybody is facing the same problem Please go through the link for the above error. I just got the solution from that link.


thank you,

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Follow above links for more information on ValidTimeStateField of table in AX 2012

Hi Mohd Saddaf Khan,

Thanks for your replay. The problem I am facing is that in my LogistictsPostalAddress table consists data and in that a record’s

ValidFrom and ValidTo

3/9/2012 11:32:25 am 10/19/2012 03:42:38 pm (ie 19th Oct 2012 which we crossed this date already and now we are in Dec Month)

ValidTo is expired I want to modify this date to 12/31/2154 03:59:59 pm (or any other date more than 10/19/2012 03:42:38 pm).

I tried to modify by opening that table in table browser it throwing error and tried using update command of x++ it is also throwing the same error.

Can any one tell me how to solve this issue. Please help.

Thank you.