Record level Modification


I have a table with fields and Data as

No(PKey) Duration(int) Start Date End date

1 2 01/01/2011 03/01/2011

2 1 04/01/2011 05/01/2011

3 2 06/01/2011 08/01/2011

Now if I change value in Duration it should affect to all the records from the current field.

for Ex: if I Change Duration in 2nd record to 3 then End Date should change to 07/01/2011 and in next record start date should be 09/01/2011 and end date should be 11/01/2011 and so on… How to achieve it???Hope u ppl understood my question…

Hi MM,

Try the below code on the OnValidate Trigger of the Duration Field in table, this will update all the records after the current record:

“End Date” := “Start date” + Duration1;
OldRec := Rec;
RecVar.SETFILTER(RecVar.“Entry No”,’>%1’,“Entry No”);
RecVar.“Start date” := OldRec.“End Date”+1;
RecVar.“End Date” := RecVar.“Start date” + RecVar.Duration1;
OldRec := RecVar;

RecVar, OldVar are the Local record Variables of your Table XXX.

Hope this will help you.

Hi Murali,

You’ll definitely want to take a look at the CALCDATE function. You can look at NAV documentation, or search here for discussions involving the function.

Here’s an example of an existing thread on the topic …