RE - Creating new record

Hi Everyone,

I have a customized table,

Last calibration date Frequency Next calibration date Actual date Remarks

In this initially user will create a record, Next time if the user clicks new means v need to capture the Actual date field to be in Last calibration date and frequency also. This should happen every time while creating a new record.

Help me to solve this.



Hi Madhan,

Are you want to enter Last record value of Actual Date to new record in Last calibration date and frequency??

Hi Raj,

s… ur right…Everytime if i create new record means it should happen.



hi ,

u should get the last record value in the init value method of the datasource…

if u want to get the last record value u can see the last packingslipid in purchtable or salestable



Then you OnInit() trigger of table u can write the code to get the last record using findlast and update the Last caliberation date with the last record’s active date.



Hi Srikanth,

Can u help me in writing the code?



You need to find the last record with maximum recId and initiate the field values from the selected record, the logic need to be used in create method of form dataSource.


YourTable yourTableLocal;

select firstonly yourTableLocal order by RecId desc;

yourTable.Frequency = yourTableLocal.Frequency;

Thankz Kranthi… It is working fine