User Security

Hi, Iam looking for help on secutiry in navision. Looking for security in 2 kinds. I will have 2 types of users. 1. Purchase users and 2. Sales Users A. In customer Card, I don’t want purchase users to view the customer details. or Customer Card should be invisible… B. In customer card, I don’t want purchase users to view the details in “Payment” Tab. either 1 should be ok. Help me on this. Thanks

Hi Mani Not an expert in this area - but make a copy of the customer card - design it to remove what you want and then give the users who need restricted access this form rather than the standard customer form. I believe this is the only way to achieve what you require.

This could be done by setting the user permissions properly. Do NOT give direct permission for the customer card and Customer List (Or Customer Table) to the Purchase users and vice versa, but rather give the Indirect Permissions.

Thanks for the info. Still any one with any other further security setup…

Hi Naveen Could you explain further how restricting rights to the list prevents users from seeing one of the five tabs? If you restrict access to the card or list - this is the whole card not just a few fields.

Sorry Steven, I was taking option A “Customer Card should be invisible.” for setting Permissions. There is no way to setup permission per tab basis. You want that way, then yes, you need to create the copy of the forms and give the permissions accordingly.

Hi Naveen Okay thanks for that - just clearing up an area where I am rusty!

Hi, If you need field level permission use the Security Add on from an NSC called Lanham Associates in USofA. Their contact info as per my records is Cheers,

Hi, Thanks for all the messages… If Iam able to get something I will post it here… so that it will be useful.

Hi Devi, Yes, you can hide the fields based on the rules with the help of the programmers. We were thinking, if we can do this with the security settings. Naveen Jain

Hi, Yes we can Hide/ Enable all these things inthe hard coded one and using Roles… but without hard code any way to solve…?

Without hardcore, you can create a table, and define the set of rules into that table. create a codeunit in which create the functions, and set the rules based on some critaria. Call the appropriate functions as required. Naveen Jain

Without Hard Code, Sorry My Mistake